A couple of days ago I reacted in surprise when I saw a popular L&D organization, the eLearning Industry, publish an infographic about learning styles. I responded, in probably one of my first ever Twitter arguments … that wasn’t so much of an argument but me disagreeing and the eLearning Industry passively agreeing but sending links to additional articles that support the myth of learning styles.


You can see last tweet from the eLearning Industry directed me to a blog about how important it is to account for learning styles when giving presentations. I’m struggling with the idea that a source that is trusted, like eLearning Industry, insists on talking about the importance of learning styles.

My real concern is that discussions and distractions like this detract from truly identifying the appropriate methodology to facilitate actual learning that changes behavior. Is it again a demonstration of L&D’s inferiority complex, is it just a case of people not letting go of old myths, or is this a legitimate Potemkin’s village?